20 Mar

more plushy fun.

Nothing makes me smile like a few colorful, fat sea creatures:



I’m especially a fan of that blowfish at the top. Such a positively scary-looking thing has been made into cuddly form. And it’s awesome-looking.

You’ll find this plush at Zooguu. Zooguu was originally Sweetestpea on Etsy, and in fact, both stores are still open and sell plush. More stuff is in the Sweetestpea store for the moment, but it’s well worth it to check out both shops. The selection is vast — there’s everything from sea creatures to chicks to monkeys to one-eyed monsters and even this rice ball.

And there’s this cute elephant:


The roly poly style of all the animals is a fun one, and that just means there’s more to squish.

In addition to plush toys in different sizes (from tiny to extra large), you’ll also find ornaments, cozies and a pillow cover.

15 Jan

plushy things.

When it’s cold and you’re in need of some comfort, there’s nothing better than a stuffed toy. And I don’t care if you’re a kid or you’re an adult. We can all use something to hug, right?

Perhaps you could try one of these:




If you’re craving one of these plushies, you’ll find them at tiddlywinks. Each plushie is totally unique, and custom orders are available. There are plenty of animals and dolls, and a particular favorite of mine is the Awake/Asleep doll, which has a sleepy face on one side and an awake face on the other. What a neat idea!

There’s lots of brightly colored animals and some wearing fun clothes … whatever your fancy, you’ll probably find something that fits the bill.

17 Mar

plushie, how i love thee.

So the next time someone tells you that something won’t happen “until pigs fly,” you should give this to said person as an illustration of that tried-and-true adage:

This adorable little guy is the work of Amy at A Beautimus Hodgepodge. Amy is an engineering student, but when she’s not buried in studying that, she is creating little cute things like these:

Amy also does illustrations and even takes commissions! If you want more info about her art, check out her Etsy profile, or visit Tesla Bunny. You can also find some ACEOs in the Etsy shop!

23 Oct

pocket pals!

Do you ever wish you could take your favorite pet with you in a convenient manner? You know, like stashing him/her in your pocket.

You may never be able to shrink your Great Dane or your 20-pound Maine Coon cat down to pocket size, but you could carry a reasonable facsimile around (or another really cool animal):

Yay for cute animals!

These Pocket Pets are put up for adoption by Eskimimi. It’s a pretty neat thing. You purchase a pet, but you don’t know what animal you’re going to get. Seal, giraffe, monkey, squid … who knows? There are 150 different pets. You get a certificate of adoption, and each pet has a unique name.

And, as an added bonus, every one in six adoptions turns out to be twins! You could be the lucky one!

So if you’re feeling the need for a cuddly animal, this might be the way to go.

27 Jul

cute as a … well, you know.

Paper + sewing stuff = Very cute card. Check it out:

It’s a nice any-occasion card. Nice and bright and colorful. And the buttons are a nice touch (though I guess you have to hope they don’t get caught on the postal machine if you happen to be mailing one of these cuties!).

Several styles are available at Nissa B’s Etsy store. Nissa combines paper, fabric, buttons and other sewing materials to create all sorts of paper goods, from tags to cards.

She also makes pillows and stuffed animals, like this owl:

Maybe you can get a gift and a card at the same time. How convenient!

16 Jul

roly-poly and cute.

indie*galore is back from vacation, and bringing you some really, really cute animals to look at:

These roly-poly lovelies are the work of Laura from Cupcakes For Clara. Cupcakes for Clara is based in England, and you will find plenty of cute plush toys, all of which are made to order and individually numbered. The plush toys are limited edition collectibles.

You will also find stationery and finger puppets in the shop. But the animals — they are quite irresistible.

22 May

happy plush … and art.

Across from the Sacramento Craft Mafia’s booth at Bazaar Bizarre this weekend was a lovely plush seller with a family of owls. You may recall seeing the family of owls in the original post about BazBiz (scroll down a little bit).

The owls were made by Devon Industry, run by Devon, a sweet girl from San Jose.

Not only did Devon sport some seriously cute plush at the show — she’s got birds, elephants, dogs, whales and owls, oh my! — she also had some art prints.

I bought this lovely whale named Humphrey:

Devon’s work is really whimsical, cute, colorful and fresh. It made me feel happy.

Maybe something you like from her Etsy shop will make you feel happy too.

05 May

what a hoot!

I was a vendor at Handmade Parade on Saturday and met some pretty fab people and had a great time.

I also managed to pick up the cutest stuffed owl I have ever seen:

(I bought the brown one on the right.)

The owl was courtesy of Bethany of Bitter Betty Industries. She dubbed him “Proto-Owl” because he was the first one she made and the basis for the others. He is made with the sleeve of a felted sweater, and everything else on the front is needle-felted. He also has a light lavender scent. So he smells delicious and is cute too. And he’s the Proto-Owl!

Bitter Betty Industries also has wonderful clothes on sale, from utility obis to jumpers to t-shirts to cute kids’ clothes. Bethany also makes soldered necklaces as well. Check out the Bitter Betty blog for more pictures of her awesome stuff. You’ll even find the owls there … but act fast, because there are now only two of them left in the nest.

If you leave Bethany a comment or send her an e-mail, she may be willing to make something you like on her blog if it’s not in your size. There’s more stuff on her blog picture-wise than in her shop, so you may be best served looking at the blog first.

13 Apr

plush = cute.

In a perfect world, all animals would be cute and squishy, kind of like this:

These toys were made by Lauren over at laurensmash @ Etsy. Lauren was one of the fantastic folks I met at the Pleasanton Craft Mafia show last week (and my other booth neighbor).

She creates all sort of cute animals besides the cat and pig above. She also makes kangaroos, skunks, monsters and some people. What’s great about her plush toys is that she names each one and attaches a tag to each that tells the toy’s story. Some of them like coffee and help elderly ladies across the street. The animals are whimsical and just plain fun!

04 Mar

stuffed cuties.

Mohair is a nice thing. It makes nice scarves/hats/sweaters, is soft and all-around fun. And it can make cool things like these:

You can’t tell from that cropped picture, but it’s a mohair bunny! And it’s made by Missy Ballance at Mohair Circus.

Missy makes all sorts of stuffed mohair animals. You can see the bunny in his floppy-eared glory on her site. I just liked the carrot bag — that’s a really nice touch.

(As an aside: Missy is also a fellow member of the Sacramento Craft Mafia! Woohoo!)

23 Feb

i heart cute plushy things.

Seriously, can you resist this?

But this owl has many more friends over at Gifts Define!

Gifts Define’s tagline is “unique lovable indollgences,” and that there’s plenty of. In addition to the animals — turtles, lions, monkeys, puppies, giraffes and more — there are cute girl dolls, wedding dolls, dolls holding up sayings such as “congratulations” and “I love you” and even a bannerama option where you can have a number of dolls spell out a word.

I was fortunate to get a Gifts Define turtle in an edition of The Sampler, and I hope someday to add to my menagerie (unfortunately, cash is kind of short).

But if cash isn’t short for you (or even if it is), you should find room for at least one cute animal to brighten up your room/cubicle/locker/space you happen to occupy. Or get the owl and have it be a conversation piece … or use it to tell your friends/coworkers/boss that you happen to feel a little loopy today.

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